NWI Announces New Board President and Interim Executive Director

December 11, 2018 – Great new things are happening at the National Wellness Institute (NWI). We welcome Linda Howard as newly elected President of the Board of Directors and Chuck Gillespie as the Interim Executive Director of the National Wellness Institute.

Linda Howard was elected as the new Board president of the National Wellness Institute. She is the CEO of Alturnative, a healthcare compliance and ethics consultancy that serves the health, fitness, and wellness industries.  Linda is also committed to using her leadership to advance dialogues on changing the wellness and healthcare industries for the better. Through her work she encourages others to reach underserved populations, engage in purposeful dialogue, and promote business ethics and values that support individual and organizational wellness. Linda has been on the Board since July 2013. She previously held the positions of Treasurer and Vice President, consecutively.

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