The American Social Epidemic Of Violence and Racism Part II, Transforming Anguish Into Purpose Ep 11

A continuation of last week’s episode, The American Social Epidemic of Violence and Racism: Economic and Health Inequities and the Weaponizing of Authority. This Part II further examines this topic to further advance our understanding of systemic maladies which include structural racism. We will continue to ponder: How did we get here and what is the way forward? What are specific health impacts on individual, family and communities from both physical and mental perspectives? What are effective pathways to breakthroughs in enforcement and judicial policies and civic engagement? How do we begin to transform our social contract to include those who have been dehumanized, commoditized and underrepresented? Today’s panelists are Pastor Melvin Russell, Adar Ayira, Major Neill Franklin, Justin Hodge, DeBorah Ahmed, Dr. Charles Lewis, and the host is Linda Howard.

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