Immediate Past President, Board of Directors of the National Wellness Institute:

Linda Howard is the immediate President of the Board of Directors of the National Wellness Institute, Inc. (NWI).

About NWI

NWI is the oldest wellness association in the country. Founded in 1977, NWI was formed to realize the mission of providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth.

Today, the stated mission of NWI is “to enrich professionals’ lives and careers with competencies and connections to promote inclusive, whole-person wellness.” This mission drives the National Wellness Institute and forms the basis for the annual National Wellness Conference, the most highly acclaimed professional conference in health and wellness.

Executive and Governance Functions

Linda was a member of the Executive Board. She served as Board President, after having served as  Treasure, Vice President, and Finance Committee Chair. She has done significant work with governance and serves on the nomination committee.

Multicultural Competency Committee

Linda is also a founding member of the Multicultural Competency Committee. She has worked tirelessly along with other founding committee members  Dr. Deborah Wilcox, and former board member Dr. Aldrenna Williams, and other members of the committee to increase the amount of content made available to NWI members that is dedicated to multicultural competency, and to enhance the overall inclusiveness of the organization as it relates to members, conference attendees and presenters, and board diversity.

National Wellness Institute Multicultural Competency Academy 2017

To learn more about the National Wellness Institution, membership and the annual conference visit the National Wellness Institute website.

Reach Out

If you are interested in supporting the mission of the NWI or our efforts to improve multicultural competency and inclusiveness in the delivery of wellness services Reach Out.  I would love to hear from you and explore how you can get involved.

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