Multicultural Competency: Wellness & Healthcare

Linda is committed to enhancing multicultural competency in the delivery of healthcare and wellness services. She addresses in public speeches and publications issues such as the impact of health disparities, designing worksite wellness programs that meet cultural competency standards and comply with federal anti-discrimination regulations, and how religion and culture impacts health and wellness choices.

Multicultural Competency and Wellness

Since 2013 she has worked on the Multicultural Competency Committee of the National Wellness Institute and has participated in the organizing of and presenting at the Multicultural Competency Symposium and Academies designed to improve and develop multicultural competency skills of those in the wellness industry.

She is a part of the team that designed and facilitated The National Wellness Institute Multicultural Competency in Wellness Certificate program.  It is first program of its kind in Multicultural Competency.

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Multicultural Competency and Healthcare Compliance

Adherence to and consideration of  cultural issues are intertwined in her work as a healthcare compliance professional, whether it involves designing training material that are culturally relevant, ensuring that managed care organizations are meeting certain cultural competency requirements, or reviewing health plan marketing initiatives to ensure that they do not inadvertently discriminate against underserved populations in violation of federal laws.

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